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TD Style Dog Box

TD-Style Dog Box

DIAMOND DELUXE Tool Box/Dog Box-Style is designed to be mounted at the front of the bed like a tool box. The Tool Box/Dog Box keeps bed space free without having to remove the dog box. It also works well with people who are pulling a gooseneck trailer and hauling their dogs at the same time.Made with welded diamond tread aluminum it features locking full top storage, locking T-handles on the dog doors, corrugated plastic insulation on all exterior walls, solid aluminum divider panel, dual gas struts, all locks keyed alike, flat lid and slide covers on the vents. The Tool Box/Dog Box unit has the door hinge reversed so that the dog doors can be unlatched by reaching over the bedsides. Vents on the Tool Box/Dog Box are located on the sides and measure 6” x 10”. These units are extremely lightweight with the large truck box weighing only 100#.           
         TD-Style units have 18” height in the dog compartment and 6” top storage. TD-Style units measure 70”W x 28”L. 
         Options: Flush mount latches, winter door panels, dome lid, roof rack, 12-volt fan, louvered divider, wheel well notch for short bed trucks, 3rd. dog compartment and top storage divider. We can custom build to any size.

ModelWidthLengthHeight# of D/CDepth OF T/SD/C SizePrice
TD7222L 70”(60”) 28” 24” 2 70”X28”X6” 30”X28”X18”
TD7222S 70”(60”) 28” 24” 2 70”X28”X6” 30”X28”X18”
TD7223L 70”(60”) 28” 24” 3 70”X28”X6” 20"x28"x18"
TD7223S 70”(60”) 28” 24” 3 70”X28”X6” 20”X28”X18”
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